For your review and to benefit of your practice, we have reviewed and analyzed most published data involving ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy.

Not surprisingly, 100% of published studies have used a flat surfaced quartz chamber or flat cuvette into which UV rays are transmitted. Why not surprising? Because the flat surface maximizes transmission percentages. Some purveyors of the tubular cuvettes would have one believe that the flat cuvette is less than safe. Their statement is wrong, and in the 80 or so years during which the flat chamber and cuvettes have been used, there has not been a reported case of the flat surface being anything other than ideal for these treatments. Those who sell these curved shaped cuvettes simply refer to ‘authorities’ or ‘doctors’ for their source of support. To be clear, there is not a single, qualified authority who has suggested that the flat surface is anything less than ideal. We prefer to rely on data and facts. Therefore, we are providing copies of these studies for you.

Note. These studies are subject to copyright protection. You may copy these studies for your own purposes, or, should you desire, to disseminate to your patients. All other dissemination is subject to the prior approval of Custom Glass and Synthetic Design, LLC.

Click here to review our document providing Statistical Review and Analysis of UBI Treatments.

When using a chamber/cuvette which has a flat surface and is made of highly pure quartz ie The Superior Cuvette, we are able to observe a very important trend. Specifically, these cuvettes support a finding that UBI treatments are highly effective in treating single stranded RNA viruses.

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